At www.enorchile/emisiones you will be able to see graphically and intuitively, according to the type of energy matrix, schedules, zones and companies, the generation of CO2 emissions in Chile.

A new public access information portal was launched this week by EnorChile. This is fed by the data of the National Electric Coordinator, with the referential emission factors of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and delivers in an orderly manner, by region, company and time the CO2 emissions produced in the national territory.

“This page arises from the concern to visualize how CO2 is emitted in Chile, because when we wanted to look for this information, we did not find any public access system that was simple and fast. The information was there, but distributed in different places and sometimes with many technical details. So we decided to create this portal, so that everyone can use it as a reference for their studies, research or simply for public knowledge”, said Pablo Caerols, General Manager of EnorChile.

The platform provides detailed information on all the generators that exist today in the national energy matrix, making it possible to see the emissions of a single company or of all of them, and even to distinguish the times when there are fewer or more emissions. In addition, the system stores the data and allows comparisons with the previous month and year.

Another feature of the portal is the segmentation by regions, where it shows the level of generation and in turn the amount of CO2 emitted. In addition, there are two maps where the above can be fully visualized. “This territorial analysis of our country has allowed us to highlight the presence of renewable energies in the system because there are areas where there is power generation but no C02 emissions,” explains Caerols.

In all energies that do not have an associated combustion process have been considered, such as energies that do not emit CO2, which is the case of large-scale hydropower. There you can see how the contribution of renewable generators has been distributed, where hydropower is considered, and how much the conventional ones have generated, being the ones that have a greater contribution of CO2 the ones that work with coal.

“We know that the site has great potential, we are working with artificial intelligence, always looking for the best for our customers and thus strengthening the services we provide. We are an innovative company, with a highly professional team that gives the best of itself in each project”, said EnorChile’s general manager.

Caerols also states that “in a second stage we will publish a CO2e footprint indicator for each free client according to their energy supplier, so that end consumers can be adequately informed and orient their product purchasing decisions towards those that use mostly energy from companies with renewable sources in their matrix”.