Crime prevention model


ENORCHILE S.A., in its commitment to always act under the highest ethical standards, and to ensure due compliance with current regulations, according to the principles and values of our institution, has prepared as a tool to support and manage its activities a Crime Prevention Policy, in order to:

1.Identify the activities or processes that represent a higher risk,

2. Establish the protocols, rules and procedures that allow to foresee the commission of crimes in relation to the indicated activities,

3. Identify procedures for the administration and auditing of financial resources to prevent and detect their use for purposes other than those for which they were intended,

4. Establish the methods for the effective application of policies and measures, and their constant updating, and,

5. Establish sufficient and expeditious channels of communication in order to foresee risk situations or to take the remedial and corrective measures deemed pertinent.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Board of Directors of our company has appointed Enorchile’s attorney and prosecutor, Patricia Méndez, as Compliance Officer. Whose work and duties are established in the document “Methodology of the Crime Prevention Officer”.

Download Law 20.393 (Spanish)
Download Crime Prevention Policy (Spanish)
Download Crime Prevention Officer’s Methodology (Spanish)
Download Complaint Channel Procedure (Spanish)


Please describe below the situation of which you have become aware and, if possible, attach all the background information related to the reported event and that you consider relevant.

All reports will be treated confidentially, with the highest security standards. The only recipient of these reports is the Crime Prevention Officer.

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