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EnorChile is a consolidated company, with more than 15 years of experience with great projections in electrical market. Its purpose is deliver energy from different sources to companies in the industrial and mining sector in Chile.

Power Supply

EnorChile deliver energy to the Chilean electrical grid, for this, it has a team with solid knowledge in different power sources. Our goal is to deliver electricity considered the best and most sustainable supply alternatives according to the specific requirements of each of our clients.

Power Plant Operation

We operate power generation plants on site and remotely, maintaining the relation with the customer and the electric coordinator. Retains the value of the assets over time and our Clients keep is energy backup in case of failure in the electrical grid. We have years of experience in the operation and maintenance of generation equipment, as well as experience in the operation of the Chilean electrical grid.

Control Center

The Control Center is the area responsible for coordinate and operate a power plant. It has direct communication with the Electric Coordinator and complies with a series of safety and quality standards that allow its continuous operation.

Power Plant Administration

We carry out the complete Managment of power plants with the Electric Coordinator in Chile, taking charge of the operation, as well as the analysis of the assessment of generated electricity by its power plant, recognized power, invoicing processes, and also present the technical and commercial reports depending on the requirements of each of our customers.


Today EnorChile was awarded the operation of the Central Punta Colorada, owned by Barrick Gold Corporation, in the Coquimbo Region. This power plant has a nominal power of 37 MW, provided by two generation technologies. On the one hand, 20 MW are distributed by 10...