“The technology with which enorchile has improved the efficiency and security with which the installations in the network operate, and allows to align with the requirements of the national electrical coordinator. The company, specialized in control center, commercial management services and operation and maintenance, created a new consulting area.!

Ofhe operation and coordination of more than 1,200 MW in installed capacity of ERNC power plants -including PMG and PMGD- EnorChile has been occupied in the last six years through its Remote Operations Center. So says Felipe Zambrano, Remote Operations Manager of this company with more than 17 years of experience, and specialized in supplying energy to companies in the industrial and mining sector within the national territory. “EnorChile attends and advises its clients on the most critical aspects of its portfolio, both in the construction phase and in the operation phase. We perform functions for the control of facilities and everything related to commercial management in these. Also, work in field operation and maintenance, integration and configuration of communications systems, and execution of automation projects using Scada systems “, highlights the executive


Zambrano says that customers have opted for the Remote Operations Center offered by the company because through their technologies they manage to optimize their daily operation, and comply with the requirements of the regulations.

“The PMGD have become very attractive projects for investors due essentially to a lower level of capital required, lower connection requirements and the possibility of access to a more convenient stabilized rate than the spot market,” he says. The executive indicates that considering that there will be a greater participation of PMGD plants and that the electrical system will demand greater control and safety in the operation, especially in distribution networks, a great challenge will be to respond to the present and future requirements established by the regulations. electric “In this regard, it is enough to review the proposed changes in the new Coordination and Operation Regulation of Electrical Systems, currently in process, where it is appreciated that PMGD plants with self-dispatch should be more committed to the coordination and operation of the network”, recalls . Zambrano says that “for years EnorChile has perfected its model for power plants and electrical installations, under a concept of remote operation that improves the efficiency and safety with which the installations operate in the network, and allows to align with the requirements of the Electrical Coordinator National”.

It affirms that both large-scale installations, such as PMG and PMGD projects, can count on the experience of the EnorChile control center and access specialized attention through a team of electrical engineers who are available 24/7, supervising the proper functioning of the electrical installations, and -in the event of failure- attending to the normalization of the facilities in a safe and immediate manner


Has EnorChile innovated in other areas of the electricity market? Zambrano says yes, and that the most recent challenge was the creation of Enor-Consulting, a new consulting area that complements the supply service and commercial management that the firm offers its clients. “The electricity market has a complex operation, and as a result of the experience acquired, our company has become a great support for its customers, who have valued the trust and transparent treatment with which they have always responded”, says the executive . He adds that “this way it was decided to create this new consulting area to give advice to companies and investors of the sector in matters such as commercial management before the National Electrical Coordinator; audit and operation of supply contracts; and regulatory compliance, among others. “

Source: Editec